Mages of Mystralia

Zelda-like action adventure game with an innovative spellcasting system on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

I worked at Borealys Games, an independent video game studio, from May 2016 until November 2017. I mostly worked on Mages of Mystralia but I also worked on other unannounced/cancelled projects.

We were two/three programmers working on Mages of Mystralia (Anthony Demange as lead programmer and Vincent Bilodeau as graphics programmer).

On Mages of Mystralia, I touched almost everything given the small size of the team but I focused specifically on these parts of the game:

  • Responsible for multiplatform development; worked on infrastructure and optimization for PS4 and Xbox One ports.
  • Responsible for API integration and build automation for PC, PS4, Xbox One et Steam.
  • Developed UI using 3D effects and supporting controller, keyboard and mouse.
  • Developed several gameplay systems.
  • Developed editor and real-time debugging tools.