Feline Philosophy - Cats And The Meaning Of Life
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ibsn13: 9780374154110

I’m deathly allergic to cats (especially unneutered cats) so despite liking them in theory, I can’t spend much time with them.

I’m not allergic to philosophy though. This book talks about cats, talks about philosophy and uses the promise of cats to ease you into thinking about philosophy.

At least, that’s what I think it’s trying to do?

It’s hard to tell because the author spends the first half of the book saying that philosophy is a waste of time and leads to depression. But cats don’t do philosophy and aren’t depressed so we should be more like cats.

It wouldn’t take a genius to pick apart this book, there’s a lot of nonsense here. But in between the bits of nonsense there’s a few interesting ideas.

Like any philosophical text, even the much more coherent ones, it challenges you to sift through all these ideas and figure out what makes sense to you.

That’s the silver lining I’ve tried to tease out of this mediocre book.

But hey! It’s got a cute cat on the cover!