The Colour Of Magic
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ibsn13: 9781804990315
series: Rincewind - Book 1

An incompetent wizard is tasked with protecting a visitor visiting from a faraway land. A fantasy novel for people who don’t like fantasy novels.

I’ve read a lot of fantasy in my day (I kind of hate fantasy now) but nothing quite like this. Somehow I had never read anything by Terry Pratchett, I started by reading his first novel (of many) set in his Discworld universe.

The Colour of Magic (and I suspect many of the Discworld books) is a fantasy book for people who’ve grown tired of fantasy tropes and are looking for a talented (British) writer to poke fun at them while simultaneously using the fantasy setting to poke fun at the real world.

Given that I recently tried to read the Wheel of Time series of books and wanted to poke my eyes out, I read this book at the right time and the right place and I can’t wait to read more.