Performance Rock Climbing
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ibsn13: 9780811722193

Reference guide for experienced climbers who want to further hone their skills. Has newspaper comic-style characters as well as photos to show off the various techniques. Expresses a lot of information succinctly, it doesn’t waste your time.

This one came highly recommended in the r/bouldering and r/climbharder reddit communities, and I can see why.

There’s a lot of relevant information presented in a clear and concise manner. If I decide to sit down and read a book like this, that’s exactly what I want.

It’s an older book (published in 1993) and so some of the science presented in the book might be a little dated (I’m not an expert on climbing or professional sports training so it’s hard for me to say). But, everything else seems to have held up quite well from what I’ve been told and from what I can see for myself.