Heart - The City Beneath
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ibsn13: 9781913032111

Heart: The City Beneath is a tabletop game about delving into a nightmare undercity that will give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of – or kill you in the process. It is a dungeon-crawling, story-forward tabletop RPG that focuses on what characters have to lose in pursuit of their dreams in the chaotic darkness beneath the world. Weird but in a good way.

I’m not exactly sure how you’re supposed to run a horror tabletop game.

It’s probably a requirement that all your players know what they’re doing and are willing to take things very seriously if the horror beats are going to land.

The setting in Heart is pretty cool.

They provide a ton of different weird places/monsters your (tragic?) heroes can find on their journey into the depths of the Heart to help you get started.

This is helpful because of the rather unique setting.

I haven’t played the game yet (I’m not sure I will) so I can’t speak to how the rules work in practice.

There’s a system by which each session each players chooses two things that they want to happen to their character (from a list based on their character’s class).

It’s interesting but I’m not sure what it achieves other than forcing certain events to happen in an artificial way instead of them occurring organically when appropriate.

The game’s weird, I’ll give it that.