A bar fight to remember

We found ourselves at the abandoned mine shaft, home to the mysterious entity we call the Eye. Preacher, our leader, a man of the cloth with the heavy weight of his unconventional faith on his shoulders. Desmond, an old man who’s been around and knows everyone there is to know. Teddy, an academic with a desire to gain political power for yet to be determined reasons. And myself, Blade. Ostracised from the Academy for my “dangerous” research, I took to the streets where my ability to make things go boom would be put to good use.

The Power of Positive Thinking by Vincent B. Clear

The following text is an excerpt from The Power of Positive Thinking™ by Vincent B. Clear. What if your thoughts could become reality? What if you believed hard enough in something, it became true? Take the next step in your life’s journey by learning to harness The Power of Positive Thinking™ to make your life and the lives of those around you, greater than. My name is Vincent B.