Cocktails #1

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This is a "ramble" blog post, it's sort of like a public journal with less structured and more experimental (read: bad) writing. Don't take it too seriously.

Here’s an ordered list of all the cocktails I’ve tried since I’ve gotten into mixology from my most favorite to least favorite:

Dark and Stormy
Ginger beer combined with rum, garnished with lime. The “dark” part of the Dark and Stormy refers to the color but the “stormy” part refers to the storm of flavors this cocktail creates in your mouth. I’ve been told that the key is to buy (or make) high quality ginger beer. I made my Dark and Stormy with Fever Tree ginger beer and it was great.
Southside Cocktail
Mint Mint Mint. The liquid infused with mint combined with the mint garnish thrusting into your nose as you sip, make for a wonderful cocktail. Tasting it pushed me to get a pot, some soil and to plant some mint so I can have access to fresh mint all year round.
The words that I would use to describe the Negroni’s taste might not be appealing for most people… Toothpaste? Mouthwash? But I liked it? You might too. The Campari is the ingredient that jumps out at you when you drink this. If you don’t like the powerful bitterness of the Campari, then you’re not going to enjoy a Negroni.
The Gimlet holds a special place in my heart as the first cocktail I mixed. I made my Gimlet using homemade lime cordial (a combination of lime zest, sugar and citric acid). It was good but it wasn’t great. I might have gotten too much of the white tarty part of the lime into the cordial leading to a less than ideal cocktail. I’ll have to try making it again!
Fruity Old Fashioned
There’s not much going on with an old fashioned. It’s mostly just whiskey with a few additional flavors (and a big ice cube) all of which are needed to make whiskey bearable to drink. Maybe I don’t like whiskey?

Cocktails are great. I wanted to learn how to mix drinks to become a better host. It wasn’t that complicated, it didn’t cost me much. It was well worth the effort.

Very soon, I want to learn how to make homemade ginger beer so that my teetotalers guests don’t feel left out. Every week, I’m planning to continue my mixology journey by learning how to mix a new cocktail. Wish me luck!

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